My KFC Experience Survey and Win Big!

KFC is a chicken restaurant chain that has become the most popular all over the world for more than 59 years now. In terms of size, it is the second largest worldwide. It has a rich history of innovation and success. These would have not become possible without their strategies and mechanisms such as the regular conduct of customer survey. They do surveys to gauge the feedback and satisfaction rating of their customers.

The survey is questions focus on the experience of the customer. Like what the store always do, answers to the questionnaire are taken seriously. If not, it will not become what it is today. For years, the people behind KFC have capitalized on suggestions and comments of the people who have experience their store and food. Unlike others, the KFC survey is great because it will automatically enter the participant into a sweepstakes, where $1,000 cash prize is given weekly.

Simple Steps to Follow

1. Before you can participate, you need to have an electronic device with an Internet connection. It can be a laptop or tablet computer. You also need the sales invoice you got from your last visit.

2. If have all the requirements, you can go to You will see thre is a “We Value Your Opinion!” greeting. There is an “Enter” button you have to click to proceed to the next page.

3. From the invoice, input the necessary information such as shop amount, store admission number, date and time. After this, click on the “Next” button located below.

4. The next step is to answer the questions. Your answers must be based on your most recent visit. There are questions where you have to choose from responses like Not at all helpful, Not very helpful, Somewhat helpful, Very helpful, and Extremely helpful. In general, the questions are designed to determine whether tremendously dissatisfied or tremendously satisfied.

5. Unlike other questionnaires, KFC’s does not have too many questions. You can answer the questionnaire in just a few minutes.

6. If you are done with the questions, your feedback will then be sent in for review. After this, you will be entered into a contest. The store will inform you if you won the prize.

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Apr 30, 2014 by Brenda Slone

Our store in Paintsville Ky has excellent chicken legs and my Mom and I eat there about 2 times a week


Apr 16, 2014 by mary

it is good food it make me what to go there every day but am not l o l !!!

my kfc experience

Mar 31, 2014 by Dorothy Storkman

My husband and I LOVE your Original Recipe of white chicken and all the extras.

Wings and More Wings , USA 4.7 5.0 3 3 Our store in Paintsville Ky has excellent chicken legs and my Mom and I eat there about 2 times a week